S4E47: Scot Bryson - Integrating Advanced Technologies to Address Climate Change & World Hunger
Vertical Farming PodcastJanuary 03, 2022x
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S4E47: Scot Bryson - Integrating Advanced Technologies to Address Climate Change & World Hunger

Episode Summary:

Join Harry Duran, host of Vertical Farming Podcast, as he welcomes to the show Scot Bryson, founder of Orbital Farm, a global agri tech company supplying fresh vegetables, fish, and vegan protein to local markets around the world. Scot has spent his life and career as a problem solver, from picking stones and baling hay in farm fields, to becoming an entrepreneur at 22 and building a multi-million dollar advertising agency over a decade.

Today, Harry and Scot dive deep into the fascinating and honorable work Scot is doing to address existential threats such as climate change and other massive issues like world hunger. Scot gets technical and talks about the process by which he builds a team and how he and his team are integrating advanced technologies in vertical farming. Finally, Scot shares his vision for the future of Orbital Farm, which will include building 200 circular mega projects around the planet to support and feed billions of people here on earth today, and spend the next 20 years prototyping and developing the technology to feed people in space in the future.

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What We Covered:

03:42 – Harry welcomes to the show space farmer and founder of Orbital Farm, Scot Bryson, who joins the show to discuss his passion for problem solving everything from Climate Change to World Hunger

19:32 – Orbital Farm’s origin story

24:04 – Scot breaks down ‘daily protein’ in layman’s terms

28:02 – How Scot approaches the team building process

38:09 – The complexities of solving issues like hunger and homelessness

46:27 – Scot’s vision for the future of Orbital Farm and let’s listeners know where they can learn more about Orbital Farm and how to help

50:44 – Another critical piece of the vertical farming story

54:18 – Harry thanks Scot for joining the show and reiterates where listeners can go to learn more about Orbital Farms and connect with Scot

Tweetable Quotes:

“We have the same capacity and capability to get through these challenges and struggles. And that was really what I wanted to address and what kept me down this entrepreneurial pathway.” (06:49) (Scot)

“The way that we get through climate change is to look at wastestream sources as revenue streams. And if we can make that leap, if we can identify technologies, if we can enable capabilities to where wastestreams look like valuable resources, we can mobilize global capital to invest in the solutions that are needed to address the challenge at the pace and the scale required.” (08:39) (Scot)

“Really at the heart of what Orbital Farm is is we are a project development firm. We are integrating proven, existing technologies, and developing these business models and developing these project opportunities in different places that will come in a whole bunch of different forms. We have a very clear architecture, and that architecture is driven so that, in twenty years’ time, we want to have the ability to support hundreds of people living and working in space.” (15:42) (Scot)

“The attraction of people to a big vision - when I say two hundred facilities is enough to provide a billion people with food and end World Hunger - that’s an achievable goal in a short enough time frame to adjust the problem. That’s enough motivation for people to volunteer.” (29:13) (Scot)

“It’s gonna take a brilliant financial mind who has done significant work and raised significant capital for other purposes. And this [Orbital Farm] is a great opportunity to now come in and help lead that investment vehicle decision.” (49:01) (Scot)

Links Mentioned:

Scot’s LinkedIn  – https://www.linkedin.com/in/scotbryson/?originalSubdomain=ca 

Orbital Farm Website - https://orbital.farm/

Orbital Farm Email - info@orbitalfarm.com 

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